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    Nice forehead

  5. poor lonely balloon

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  7. 3:30am. made it to ‘rain’couver with no real issues. good sign. napping until screm de la screm starts work to pick up a helmet off him, then to the airport to pick up my co-pilot for this adventure :)

  8. it took all of until now to feel real.
    everything hit me at once.
    I am suddenly so excited.
    so nervous.
    so everything.

    wish (us) luck. california or bust.

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    tomorrow i am going to see the world

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  10. thatkoukikid:


    You’ve never let me down before, let’s not start now. I have so many goodies planned for you over winter, just be good, that’s all I ask. Your future is bright if we stick together.

    that’s a big difference! pumpkin?

    if I have tires leftover and someonewants someone wants to front entry. ill probanly be there but not driving. island is expensive (I say as im about to drive to california)